5 things to know before designing a website

If it’s your first time designing a website, then you would want it to reach your clients in a perfect manner. Most people around the world are using the internet to communicate, to find information and to shop all over the world. It’s very natural that you need a website that can be used by most users.

However, it’s not easy to develop a website that can meet your goals. The best website requires calculated planning and a smart approach to the market that you are in.  To ensure that you design a perfect website, here are some important things to consider;

Who Are You?

This simply means the type of business that you have. People visiting your website will see it as a public face. This means that you need to figure out the kind of message that your brand wants to portray.  Ensure that this message stands out as much as possible. Make sure you don’t miss any details on this page since it is what will tell the viewers of the things that you must share depending on what customers want to know. It’s a great addition to the about page.

Purpose of the website

 It’s also important to understand why the site exists and to whom it is addressed before deciding on designing the website or the content to be created. Every web design is developing a need to be implemented for the user. Are you struggling to find a new client? Trying to inform your users? Drive sales for a specific product? Such questions will help you to figure out which call to action that you can include on the page.

Choosing a Domain

You must be selling the best product or quality services in the region.  But when your website address is just a bunch of numbers and letters that don’t make much sense, people will hardly remember it.  To ensure that the domain name sticks in people’s minds, try to use simple letters.  Usually, the simpler the words you use the better it will be. It is best to use the business name somewhere in the domain address if it’s a brand or a small company.

NAP Signature

 This is also an important element of the website.  The contact information must be available on any page of your website. The information must be well-presented and easy to read.  N stands for Name, A for Address and P for Phone making the term NAP. 

Consider getting previous clients’ testimonials.

Past client testimonials also maters in order for a business to succeed. If your past clients have sent some reviews before, ensure that you include these reviews on your website. This is what really determines the type of services that you’re going to offer. Besides, more people will be interested in your business if your past clients were happy with your products or services.

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