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Webcap Technology being best email marketing company in Mumbai, have all around expertise in different internet marketing services. The digital customer is different from the regular customer. One has to have a different approach while marketing to these customers. We know the nuances when it comes to marketing and prepare marketing content appropriately. We offer different services in the e-communication marketing field. Some of the services include marketing to customers using email marketing techniques. We are a premier online email marketing services provider who markets well without spam to customers globally. Email marketing through newsletters has become one of the, most effective online advertising methods because it generates a lot of return on investment (ROI) which is of a scalable nature.

We invite you to unleash the power of email marketing services. It brings with it a great personal reach to your customers. We can demonstrate tremendous potential this medium has through our successful case studies from our previous premium customers and their brands. Email Marketing Services in Mumbai have been proven to be very effective as it is direct communication to the potential customers. We narrow down based on the different segments that our customers wish to target. Today’s email campaigns are very much affordable and so they have soared in popularity. The best part is that customers can see the results of email marketing and can see the benefit in the cost versus return on investment figures after a campaign.

Email marketing has become very popular and businesses of all types are looking at it in a serious note as a way ti increase their sales. Internet usage is growing day by day and that means more and more customers are becoming reachable through the internet. All of them have an email address and that is highly potential for marketing goods and services. In today’s world there are plenty of small and medium enterprises who have realized and are using this important marketing wagon through use of customer relationship management software. Webcap Technology being best email marketing company in Mumbai, harness the email marketing through multiple techniques to achieve higher levels of success.

Webcap Technology also a bulk email service provider in Mumbai, develop and implement many Bulk email campaigns. Bulk email is very cost effective. Our email campaign includes many elements –

Contact management: We handle multiple functions related to managing the contacts that we are targeting to market to. We search and segment the contacts in to various categories. This helps to choose which category of clients the email campaign should target. We can have youth between 25 to 30 years or some other demographic as per requirement.

Campaign development: Creating a campaign involves lot of complicated challenges that we resolve with ease like responsive email campaigns and dynamic personalization.

In the action phase of email campaigns we do a proper spam check to see that it reaches the inbox without any hindrances. We use dedicated IP addresses that are not blocked as spam which happens with some other providers.

Once the campaign is launched, we provide complete campaign reports on the success results. We provide dynamic reports that have click through options and can be exported in formats as desired.

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