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First impression is the best impression. Website design is a very important aspect to all companies as they have to maintain the best impression to their customers. A website forms the online face of the company and it can win or lose customers. So companies have to be careful that it reflects the brand clearly and passes the relevant corporate messages.

Webcap Technology is a leading website designing company in Mumbai, India. Our services range from simple websites to real complex web solutions. On the complex side, we have also known E-commerce website development company. This includes integrating with a payment gateway to facilitate secure financial transactions.

Types of websites we design are:

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • E-commerce site
  • Responsive website
  • CMS website
  • Corporate website

We make Custom and Mobile responsive Websites.

We specialize in creating a unique and cheap website design for our clients. This is custom make graphics and concepts that stand out and make your site special among the multitude of websites on the internet. Customers get a positive impression about the company based on the business website design. There are a few factors that need to be considered at the time of Business web design. Websites should be easy to navigate. People should be able to find the features out easily. There should be frequent updates. More importantly before reading anything the first thing the visitor sees when he visits the websites is the design and then the ease in which the information is displayed.

We rebrand your existing websites to see that they reflect your true values and engage the customer helping you to gain profits. Our expert team of designers and conceptualizers have worked for years in the internet advertising and communication world. They are masters in web communications. Once we understand your business, we then work out a web strategy. Based on the web strategy, we design your website. We help to put focus on your priority business products and services and also make your website SEO friendly. Our experts prepare a dynamic blend of business web design and technology to deliver optimum business value.

Here are some important aspects that we keep in mind while giving you the best web design.

Website Navigation: We develop hot spots in design where the visitors will naturally be focusing when they visit the website. Our free flowing design helps to easily spot information and apply relevant marketing promotion.

Quality over quantity: We believe in designing quality website rather than overloading your website visitor with unwanted information. Today’s web visitor is very web oriented and technology savvy. He or she has got expectations from websites. For example, it is expected that there should be an easy way to send an enquiry rather than search the website for an enquiry form.

Interactivity: Today’s customer expects a highly interactive website so that information is accessible with ease. If sites are not interactive, the user will move away to other sites. Information has to be designed in such a way that it is sequentially interactive and guides the user to the buying decision. Our interactivity architect design the website flow in such a manner that  the navigation panel makes for easy reading and finding information.

Reading ease: Human beings reading habits are from left to right of the screen and then they do a top to bottom scroll to get the whole information. Information should be smoothly presented without disturbing graphics or a bad combination of colors in the background and pages which will clearly be a source of distraction to the business user.

We use all latest technology for responsive website designing including html5, jquery and javascript.

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