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Online reputation is an important constituent in the digital marketing space. Customers and partners view a business entity by the type of reputation it has. Reputation online can be in a positive light or not. We help improve how your brand is seen and perceived online. We use our online reputation management techniques to tactically improve brand perception. This will result in better reviews by customers, better search engine results, and newer business opportunities for customers.

How do we work with online reputation management?

Webcap Technology provides Online reputation management services work to improve the online visibility on the internet through various channels. We will tackle negative reputation and manage it to positive outcomes. We also work on enhancing reviews. Our services are all about repairing and fixing online reputation.

Reputation repair: We do an evaluation process to see if negative content present on some of the sites can be removed. In some cases, if it cannot be removed, we work on removing it from search engine rankings. In worst case options, we work on reducing its visibility in search results.

We use a lot of techniques in Reputation Management Services. Some of them are as follows:

    • Negotiation:

We negotiate with the source website on the negative content and explore options on how it can be removed from the site. We have ways to make negative content un- readable by search engines like Google, Bing etc. We have an adept legal team that can work on removing negative search results from search engines. Our technical team can work on search engines and push negative content off the first pages of search results.

  • Reputation protection: In this area we aim to strengthen the online content through proper presence management and improving online content to minimize chance of negative content that could potentially damage the brand of an organization. Under this we use a lot of research like – competitor search terms, brand search terms for the market, content research and auditing of contents.

Our strategy involves activities like Goal based results modeling, gap analysis for content, and search engine marketing strategy. We also do monitoring and tracking for negative content related to a brand so that relevant stakeholders can be made aware and do the needful actions.

  • Review enhancement: Research has proved that around 80% of the customers do read online reviews and trust them also. So it becomes essential that online reviews are well managed, start ratings are improved. We work with both review management software as well as manual. Automated solutions may not be the best approach and we do a deeper analysis to weed out any gaps. The problem with the online words is that there are hundreds and thousands of reviews posted everyday. Some competitors may be unethical and they may be hiring people to post fake and defaming reviews so that the organization is shown in a bad light.

Thus, reputation management has to be continuously monitored and managed efficiently.

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