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Webcap Technology have a very capable team for doing web application development projects. We understand your business process properly and automate it through the latest web technology. We study your strategic and tactical business goals along with your marketing objectives. It is only then that we embark on a mission for developing customized software for your needs. Our web solutions comprise of plain static web page websites to custom web based applications for various industrial domains. We also develop web applications that integrate ERP modules and complex e-commerce applications. We have the expertise in developing and implementing content management systems.

Webcap Technology have been into  providing  web applications development services for over ten years. We have an excellent track record in the web development arena. In our years of experience with the web, we have developed web based applications that have immensely complex business logic. Coupled with that we have also dealt with mobile applications that have huge data transactions. We have the capability and can provide you innovative solutions that are technologically more superior and will work in tandem to support your business delivering the utmost value.

Advantages of Online Web Based Application

Web based applications are based in the cloud and are accessed through a web browser. They do not take much disk space as the application is not stored on the users’machine.They can be easily integrated with server side technology like search or email communication and have cross compatibility across different operating systems like windows or linux for example.

Web based application development projects: We handle multiple types of application projects

Application development: We develop custom solutions which are tailored to suit your business rather than off the shelf ready made packages which you have to change your business process. We have standard development methodologies like waterfall or agile as the need be.

Data and application migration: We have the expertise top port data and applications to upgraded software platforms. We also do migration of legacy system data.

Re-engineering of applications and enhancements: We do reverse engineering to understand the legacy systems so that we can develop better systems.

Testing activities for web apps: We do independent testing activities for web based applications. These can be of unit testing or integration or regression testing to deliver functionally rich software.

Maintenance activities: We provide 24×7 support for maintaining web applications and monitoring services to ensure that applications have zero downtime and are always available.We ensure that your business runs uninterrupted.

Our web applications are using the latest technologyso that they integrate well with other applications on the cloud that use big data or analytics.

Get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements in detail. Our skilled team of business analysts will help in preparing the business requirements documentation and prepare appropriate use cases so that all business functionality is covered. We conduct requirement gathering workshops to have a comprehensive coverage.

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