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Information is used for marketing and that is in the form of content. Content is what influences your customers. That essentially means that high-quality content has to be developed which delivers results. We believe it is only content that performs can drive the growth factor to expand businesses. Content is king and we deliver excellent content marketing services to our global clients. Content can be a powerful weapon in digital marketing and sales if it is pitched correctly.

So how do we do b2b content marketing?  We research and understand your business model well. We find out the highlights of your company and the winning leadership points. Based on your type of target audience, we define a good content strategy in place.

What Webcap Technology B2B content marketing and management services comprises of? It is composed of three core areas. They are as follows –

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Management
  • Content Distribution

Content Strategy: Content needs a strategy that will help in defining the flow of information so that the reader is well influenced and informed. Our team has specialists in content design who develop a proper plan in place and then move to the execution side.  Our content strategy involves a few sequential process components –

We define content development objectives. We develop a content strategy. We allocate appropriate writes based on the needed domain knowledge or relevant industry expertise. We then develop the contents. The content marketing services team shapes and defines content as required by our customers. We focus on the target audience as ultimately that are the end-users and the message has to be passed on to them. We develop intelligent content campaigns for improving brand awareness.

Content management: Content management is all about developing the idea and the conceptualization of how it should be presented. Our Content Writing Agency has expert teams of content editors who are professionals in digital content development and presentation. They develop varied content like info graphics, sales content for the web, digital magazines, marketing whitepapers, and flyers. Our team develops content in an optimal manner and designs it an interactive fashion that will engage with the business users in a very meaningful way to help deliver values. We manage content end to end from the idea to the end distribution.

Content distribution: Once the content has been developed by Content writing agency, it has to be disseminated through multiple channels. We define the distribution mode, formats and mediums. We promote content to online audiences through multiple channels. Our distribution channels are primarily of three types – Owned, Earned and Paid.

Owned content distribution involves distribution among the web properties that Webcap owns – like our blogs, social media sites, partner sites, and email newsletters.

Earned content distribution: We distribute content through third parties who further distribute it through retweets, shares, product reviews, guest article and other contributions including press coverages.

Paid content distribution: In this format, we pay for distributing content and many times, this is based on accost per click mode. The advertiser pays an an amount when someone clicks and reads it only.

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