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Webcap Technology helps customers in promoting their businesses through local listings or local SEO services. Local SEO  services help in building a greater rapport. People in smaller towns and cities see local listings of goods and services before making a buying decision. Localization is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. From the brick and mortar shop markets, businesses have moved to list them in local listings which are online and easily accessible. We develop local PPC campaigns which focus on area-based customers. We identify the search parameters for businesses in a particular area and based on the search we ensure the local listings have details on business and show up in search results or through the local online directories.

So what is a local listing?  A local listing or Local SEO services is simply an online profile of a business that will have details like, name, address, phone, goods, and services being sold. There are numerous websites on the internet that list businesses in a particular area like a town or village for example. They allow creating free business listings. Some of the local listing website services may require a nominal fee. Some of the well known local listing services include names that are quite popular like – Google Local, Internet yellow pages, Bing Places, Yelp, etc.

When it comes to local listings or Local SEO services in India, we do all the work for you. Our team will meet and assess your business and design a proper marketing strategy to make sure you are visible in the relevant categories. The intention of local listings is purely to increase the visibility of the business on the internet. The more the number of listing in maximum local listings will ensure your visibility is more and the chances of being discovered increase multifold.

Some of the qualifications for local listings include that Businesses necessarily have the following attributes: Business name, a local phone number. (Toll-free and share numbers are strictly not allowed), Have a real physical office. (PO Boxes and virtual offices are not allowed in listings). Be available to have face to face meetings with customers. If the above criteria are met, then we can scale up your visibility to greater heights.

We help in creating listings through some important parameters –

Business name, address, phone numbers as basic data. We list the categories that your business can classify under – like an electrical goods shop can be listed under multiple categories like Electrical as well as home fittings.
Citations:  We will list your business in the top citations classified by city, category and search engine optimized keywords. We  provides quality Local SEO services because We have partnered with leading data aggregators like Infogroup, Neustar Localeze and Factual among others.
We also handle duplicate listing so that online search rankings are not impacted. Duplicate entries under a single domain can be harmful to businesses as the search engines push it down in the rankings. SO it has to be maintained effectively as one unique entry. In this manner, we ensure that your business is projected and well placed in local listings.

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