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Today’s customers are techno-savvy and are ready to buy goods and services as and when they like. This could be from the mobile smartphone or other handheld devices. Webcap Technology designs E-commerce website for easy conducting of business. We help to integrate websites with e-commerce facilities so that a business can be able to do transactions.

How does e-commerce work for websites?

Today all businesses are into selling their products and services through the internet. Earlier, there was only display of products and one can place an enquiry. E-commerce website helps in the transfer of money through the internet. This could be in the form of online transactions. Today all the goods that were sold in physical book stores are being sold through online stores. We have multiple item examples like electronic gadgets, books, toys, vegetables, fruits, grocery items and many others.

Today’s e-commerce era is also helping sale of new products and services in soft forms like e-books, music and videos which can be viewed or downloaded. All these require financial transactions to occur so that goods can be sent to the customer.

Goods and services are sold through electronic shopping carts. Goods selected by the customer are put in the shopping cart and the total price is calculated. Shopping cart for e-commerce is usually enabled to compute financial calculations like taxes, discount vouchers and billing and delivery addresses of the customers. This way e-commerce shopping carts can help in arriving at the total goods purchased and the relevant price that the customer has to finally pay.


Payment mechanism: Financial transactions in e-commerce website are set up through payment gateways. Once a payment action is initiated on a website after the shopping cart checks out, we present the customer with multiple payment options – like debit card, credit card, etc. Once they are input, it is authorized through a secure gateway with passwords or CVV’s.

So if you are looking for E-commerce website development company in Mumbai, We help our clients set up an e-commerce portal or integrate their normal website with e-commerce. We have partnered with various reliable e-commerce payment gateways and can deliver maximum uptime and secure transactions.


Webcap Technology have an in-house team of e-commerce & web designing & development experts who can help in making your website’s e-commerce enables as per the requirements. We can create e-commerce sites on plain website or the ones like WordPress or other content management systems (CMS).

Our activities on the e-commerce website design include the following – Easy conversion of static websites and optimization, website hosting, speed and performance enhancement of e-commerce website, site maintenance and data migration, enabling secure payment gateways, creating custom e-commerce templates among other activities. We ensure that the e-commerce site is fast and reliable and able to complete transactions quickly.


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