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Websites today have become the online shop for businesses which are open 24 hours a day. Any customer around the world can visit anytime and interact or place an order as desired. Thus it becomes important that websites are kept up and running at all times in the best performing condition. This regular performance maintenance and optimization is called website maintenance activities and are usually signed as annual contracts.

Websites are frequently updated and refreshed increase the web traffic and also improve business all around. Website maintenance plan includes updating contents of the website so that it reflects up to date information on the organization. It can be announcements, press releases and other news about products services etc. Depending on the nature of the organization and its activities, some websites need updates at different frequencies – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Rather than organizations investing in doing these frequent updates, it can be outsourced to us who deliver the same services professionally with technical expertise. We also have Search Engine Optimization services (SEO), where we ensure that the website is updated with keywords and meta tags so that it ranks high in the search engines listings.

Websites have interactive components like chat, feedback form, online ordering systems, enquiry forms etc. These have to be periodically checked like once a week at least to see that they are in excellent working condition and have no defects. Our website maintainance services in Mumbai are very cost effective and optimized so that customers can outsource to us and focus what they do best – growing their business.

Webcap Technology is the right choice due to the following reasons:

Speedy service: We work on strong and tight service level agreements as per clients requirements and it can be a 24 hour or 48 hour turn around for a service request depending on the complexity.

Proactive maintenance: Our teams are always looking for any warning on issues and proactively identify the risks. This could be critical security patches needed or updates to various software applications. We address it as per criticality of the issue.

Technical expertise in the team: We have a very knowledgeable and technical team who can scale up to resolve complex issues also.

Customer is king: We believe in making our customers happy and have a very efficient customer care team who are available to co-ordinate and support activities.

Website maintenance plan include the following:

  • Housekeeping activities like website template updates, patches, plug-ins updates
  • Updating content management systems like WordPress or other CMS systems
  • Maintenance of data backup and archival process of websites.
  • Periodic updates to website contents as per clients requirements
  • Content and graphics edits replacement of dated photographs and replacement with newer photographs.
  • Managing the organization online newsletter publishing and subscription list.
  • Managing products on e-commerce websites
  • Creating downloadable content like PDF’s and whitepapers.

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