What is BERT update? And how it will affect SEO?

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update refers to the Google algorithm that was implemented to help Google in the interpretation of complex long-tail search queries.

As a result, only relevant searches will be displayed. Moreover, in natural language processing, it has helped Google to understand the semantic context of search terms.

For this reason, it has helped Google to better understand a variety of languages. However, the BERT update has affected SEO in several ways.

These effects depend on whether one has implemented SEO best practices and strategies previously.

Some of the effects of BERT update to SEO include;

Improves users content searching

BERT update helps the website owners who have the relevant information to reach their targeted audiences. While those that do not have relevant information, they will be ignored.

This means that, if you have been writing relevant information as the core of your SEO, then the BERT update will not change that information. Instead, it will help you in ensuring that your content reaches your targeted audience.

On the other hand, if a website owner relies on black-hat or grey-hat SEO strategies, the BERT update will not be able to market its content widely.

They include;

  • Improves on searches
  • Ignoring the keyword density
  • The specificity of the keyboard
  • The BERT update affects the content length

Improves on searches

Before BERT came into existence, the website had a difficult time to include Photoshop in their content for Google to understand.

A website owner can also go further in describing Photoshop just an easy understanding of Google.

But with the BERT update, the content can be easily understood by Google with the assistance of some software.

Ignoring the keyword density

With the coming of BERT update, most SEO experts have understood that SEO is no longer about keywords.

BERT update concentrates on the relevance of the content that is conveyed to the relevant targeted audience.

The SEO experts, therefore, need to ensure that they write content that is relevant to their targeted audience.

The specificity of the keyword

The BERT update affects up to 10% of the queries thus giving more accurate results in the search engine.

It chooses the specific keywords to provide relevant results to the user. As a result, more users will be flocking on your website in search of information.

Before the introduction of BERT, longer content used to perform better in the SEO. But, when BERT was introduced, they are no longer a priority as Google is looking for specific answers.

BERT update may affect more searches in future

SEOs are in a state of worry because there are possibilities that Google will expand its hardware capabilities in the future.

For SEOs to be on the safer side, they should start implementing changes now.

The way forward for SEO

The SEO acts as a bridge between Google algorithms and content marketing. This is to means that, Google aims at providing relevant information to the website users.

On the other hand, content marketers have the responsibility of convincing Google that their content is relevant to the user’s intent.

Thus, for greater performance of SEO, we need to have a more advanced and perfected algorithm incorporated with high-quality content and relevance.


The implementation of the BERT update has enabled Google to provide better traffic to those sites that are relevant to users.

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