Reasons why you should advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is right now one the biggest social media platforms out there, actually is no secret to everyone that this network created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 (yes, 15 years ago already) moves millions and millions of users worldwide and with over 2.2 billion active users per month the power it has of reaching groups of people is a must for every company looking to grow on the field of digital marketing.

So taking the things mentioned before, social media marketing companies will aim for their clients to establish and run good campaigns there, but why specifically there instead of other social media networks like Twitter?

Well, that can be answered with some benefits of Facebook advertising:

  • It can target a large audience: A big group of people can be reached by the advertisement that will be set in said platform filtering through location, age, what they like and how they interact with the platform.
  • Fast and cheap: In modern times, the faster the better, rule that also applies when thinking about the budget that will be put on the line, is actually cheaper than traditional forms of marketing, newspaper ads, billboards, TV and radio spots are things of the past, new generations don’t use it as often as previous ones did, and even grown-ups use social media more and more; regarding the fast, is just a matter of really knowing who wants to be reached, if high school kids that play fortnight and consume trendy pop music then it will be possible to set criteria fit for this target and boom, magic!
facebook advertising
  • Can be followed in terms of statistics: From how many times the ad was seen to the amount of feedback it has got via likes, comments, and share, clicks on it and even when it was avoided, all these little things add more and more to the value of the ad.
  • Community making: It makes the audience targeted to increase, by all the things we mentioned are measured, the interaction that happens among all these ingredients create a growth level that will bring results by itself, the more people interact with it, the more people will want to be part of it.

Going against the current here can only lead to negative effects, no social media marketing company will ever tell you not to invest in Facebook ads, is impossible, and remember they own Instagram too, so if put into work on both platforms, the results can be doubled, the use of real statistics and a detailed aim system that also works on real-time (meaning that while you read a lot of advertisements are out there in the platform catching clients) will bring so much value and return of the investment like no other strategy will do.

Another thing to keep in mind is competitors for sure are doing it too, so either you step into it or get used to being losing clients that are spending time on the platform and not seeing any of the content of your brand there, so better rely on an expert on this type of social media marketing agency like Webcap Technology before it’s too late (or expensive).

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