Off page SEO activities 2019

To those out there who on a website, a blog or any page on the internet and look for a way to make it highlight one the search engines, SEO Activities, either on page (which are those applied directly to the blog or website) or off page (the ones applied out of it) have a huge influence into making the website grow on the search engines.

Therefore, is logical that the best SEO Company in Mumbai would recommend applying the best off page SEO activities out there in this 2019, among them we have the following:

· Article Submission: Uploading articles on the page, regardless the niche it was created for will certainly help to raise up in the search engines positions as it will provide fresh content for those looking for it.

· Media Submission: The media content has a key point into keeping the audience engaged, not everyone is up to read articles, but is more common nowadays to keep the attention on this off content if it’s done properly and taking advantages of the formats.

· Social Bookmarking: Adding the link of your most valuable content, blog, social media, etc., for the users of the website is one of the such an On page SEO effective activities as it will provide quality sources in the snap of a click.

· Classified Submission: Having the submissions classified on the page can help not only to organize but to give easy access when looking for it.

· Directory Submission: Order and quality that is the idea behind uploading a directory of either related websites, blog or others to the page we are looking to optimize.

· Forum Submission: Allowing forums to be developed, for discussions, solving any doubt or just talking about certain topics is an amazing way to make users interact, therefore improve, the best SEO company should actually own this as an important value. Community first.

· Web 2.0 Submission: This point continues with the idea of the previous one, the Web 2.0 lead by social media and video platforms like YouTube embrace the idea of posting content within them and engaging with the community that will be built from it, actually strategies mentioned above can be mixed with this one and provide huge results when it comes to Off-page SEO activities.

· User Profile Creation: Having the users create a profile on the page will for sure increase the chances for the page to be better ranked as it means more people for its traffic; also in points like forums it will provide a better credibility of the content share by them.

· Blog Commenting — Q & A: Having the users to interact via commenting the content uploaded or creating Questions & Answers dynamic will for sure create and effect on the interest they will have for the idea behind the text and that will improve the way they engage with all the content within the page plus adding time of view or usage.

So taking into consideration each point mentioned on this article, there are many ways to improve the SEO of a site using off page SEO activities that can even give results beyond expected, is just a matter of deciding which ones and letting the best SEO Company handle it for you.


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