3 Reasons Why You May Be Losing Followers On Your Social Media

Losing followers is part of the social media journey. It is quite regular in social networks like Twitter and Instagram, to lose followers. But if you are wondering what the reasons for these unfollows, here’s 3 reasons why you may be losing followers on your social media :

Your content is simply boring

It may sound aggressive or harsh, but if you repeat yourself on every post or talk only about you or your brands, you’ll lose followers. Besides, in term of content, there is a lot of competition in the web. Your posts should respect the 4:1 ratio. People want new and relevant content and expect a response and reaction to their comments. Your post should be 4x times about your followers and their needs and 1 time about you or your brand. Also, you can use the 80-20 rule : up to 80% of web content but in personalized way focused on providing direct value to your audience and 20% your own content.


Lack of engagement

When people come to your social media accounts, they expect to have your news but also to interact with you. Your social medias should be a medium to interact with your followers. Otherwise, they are more likely to turn to another competitor. It’s indeed recommended to keep an eye on your competitors.

You neglected the technical aspects

Identify your back-end platform and familiarize yourself with. Once you understand your platform’s algorithms and changes, you can use it to your advantage.
Further more, you should always gather and analyze your data. Measure your KPIs and keep an eye on their evolution.

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